Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Horses of course

So what's on the list for this week? Horses of course
Rex meet his first horse😊 after a shy first reaction & a lot of cuddles from me he was sniffing a big hairy nose
After a few pats I let him down on the ground and the horse just didn't seem to care but yet wanted to jump around barking to try and make the horse play with him. 
Thanks to the ladies at Riding with the Disabled who kindly let their two horses come have a pat & meet Rex . 

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Lot of weight on little furry shoulders

Do you know the different types of Service dogs aka Assistance dogs we have in Australia?
Well we do now. As a family with a young child with autism we have decided after many months of research, talking, meetings, learning and more talking to get an Assistance Dog for our son.

This means many choices were to be made. Like if we where going to pay the $30,000 to pay a 'ready made Assistance Dog' which is bred, trained and then with the organizations help induced to our family & our son.
Buy a dog of any age and train it at home with us. With the help of trainers, courses and classes as many or as little as we wanted.
We chose the 2nd , as we wanted a young dog not a dog from a recuse that we could not be sure about its past and any triggers or bad habits it may have which may harm our child or other animals in our home.
So here we are a week away from picking up our English Pointer pup .

As my research has taught me, its a hard long journey but with many rewards.
It costs a lot of money & time to owner train as they call it.
I understand now when people with disability's get so upset or offended when something happens or is said to degrade the importance of an Assistance Dog.

There Assistance dogs, Service dogs, Guide dogs, Hearing /vision dogs ALL are equal in the eyes of Australian Law. Even a dog in train to become any of the above has the same rights.

It is illegal to discriminate against or refuse entry to a person with an Assistance Dog and anyone who does so can be prosecuted. Any entry fee must not be charged to an animal that is an assistance animal.

This is our little boy and wow dose he have a big future ahead of him . k 

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Book Week

How did everyone's BOOK WEEK go?
Here is my son who done better then last year dressed as a pirate. Its a different kind of emotional parent roller-coaster isn't it?
Will they want to dress up? Will they change their minds? or try to fight past the anxiety & overloaded sensory disorder because of peer expectations? Will the clothes feel comfortable or will the tags feel like razers on their skin?
As I said my son did well & even though we had to stand out of the play ground until the bell rang ( the play ground was too noisy full of excited kids ) he enjoyed himself he said later that day before the meltdown of screaming, crying, shaking and wanting all the noises in the world to STOP hurting him, happened that night .
But he was my little Pirate and he was part of his school Book Week that's what makes us smile k

Saturday, 12 August 2017

Taking a breather

Here is my son feeding duck on the side of a river .
We had such a nice time just sitting, well I sat with a coffee and he run, jumped, walked, hopped, sat then ran again .
We had his big sister with us and it was a nice day out.
We took the short drive ( with his ipad for company in the back seat of course) to a small county town where the bird show was on.
Even though I prepared him for all the noise & people, holding his hand and having ear muffs on he was overloaded by about 20mins.
Which I think is good, he did so well and I told him so.
After that we went to a café & got take away then found this lovely park along a river.
Its here sitting watching him that I realised how much we all needed this today .
I have started my own business and have jumped into being a working mum of around 22 hours a week most being early mornings where I don't see my son until he gets home from school when his dad picks him up for us.
Its been a lot to handle for all of us but we are doing well .
                           I Just need to remember to make more days for in the park  :) k

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Assistance Dogs for ASD kids

Do you have an AD? that's short for Assistance Dog better know in America as Service Dogs.

Assistance Dogs can perform a range of tasks for people living with disabilities, an Assistance Dog is not only man’s best friend but a lifeline for many people & their families.
Every Assistance Dog undergoes tailored training to meet the individual needs of their new owner. They support people living with physical disabilities, autism, post-traumatic stress and dementia, as well as schools and care facilities.
I have been learning so much about this since becoming friends online with a lady who is self-training a dog to become her sons AD.
Its such a long & sometime hard journey when self-training, with help Providers & trainers a dog can grow up or be adopted into a family for the purpose of becoming an Assistance Dog for one of the family members.
In this ladies case she is training the dog for her son who is age 10. He helps and learns as they go so he will know more about this dog who will become his best friend then anyone else in the world.
I see photos and update on facebook about them and it seems so wonderful.

So I found myself asking why an Assistance Dog?
What would we need one for?   How would my son's life better from having an AD and not just a well trained family pet? I came to the conclusion that it would have a place in this family, an AD wold improve my sons life very much so and in turn improve our whole family.
This is Sandy she is our 10 yr old Dane with our son.
Never really trained more then sit, heal this dog in her old age she has became the perfect calm company our son has responded too. Sandy is the reason we came to the final decision of an AD as we could see the prospects ( yes she was watched as to not eat the sand which she wouldn't do anyway) 
Everywhere I look I can see how an assistance dog could be there, working and supporting our son.
As a family we put in applications & paperwork to try and get support & sponsors for help with the big journey of training a dog and you know what? Every time I have to fill out a piece of paper or online form about the reasons why we wanted to do this it was so easy, so easy to have the reasons just flow out and that has to mean something doesn't it? I think so :)
So we wait for the red tape to be sorted but please stay tuned for updates

Sandy dog helping play 

Friday, 30 June 2017

Home sick

 So do you have a 'home town' ?
Is it different to your children's hometown ?
Some of us may still be living in the town we grew up in or have moved away during our younger years when we wanted to see the world, work & travel but had this weird nack of ending up back in our home town.
Me & my friends when we where in our 20s use to have the joke that " They always end up back, its like a black hole that sucks you back in lol" of course we loved our town Goulburn but to us we had this feeling of never getting out, never going anywhere else like all the famous people seem to do.
So we made jokes and nicknames stating we hated our town, but we really knew we felt at home, at peace there and that's why we hadn't left yet.
A lot of us did leave, had families and careers. Some came back some didn't.
I'm one who didn't. My best friend is one that stayed. I'd like to thank her for these lovely photos too  
That connection I still have with my town has this warm spot in my heart. I still get homesick sometimes, Like a kid away at school camp. 
When I see news about good changes happening in Goulburn I think wow that would be good for the kids as compared to our small and unchanging country town we live in now. And I see some not so good events like floods happening and I feel the townspeople's pain. 

See this Goulburn is my home town but my children don't remember it. 
They didn't grow up running around the park or going to the movies with friends 
The town we are in now and have been for years is their home town. Its not the same as mine and that makes me a bit sad. But to them they couldn't think of living anywhere else, well not yet anyway. 
I wonder will they joke about this town? Will they move away and come back? So talk about your home town and make sure your children know and feel the specialness of a Hometown.          :) k

Saturday, 20 May 2017

It's been a long week

After a long week with sports days, horse riding kindly provided by Riding Disabled, class  exscrison , an award at assembly and a  switch around of teachers I can tell you it wasn't easy. Parents of kids on the spectrum will understand how full on walk on egg shells my week has been. My little man had done well.
A couple of hours spent in the local gardens feeding ducks was just what he needed, no playing kids or footy games just older people walking around minding their own business 😊
Quiet time is a must in our sons life, he may think he doesn't need it or want it instead saying he wants to play the Xbox more but it's my job to care for my children ,to work out what they need and then work out how to provide it to them.
Then they will change and we have to do it all I really again just to keep us parents on our toes.

The good old trick of telling him I need to take photos of the trees for my collect is a Classic excuse to come here to the garden.
Where he has ran, walked, rolled and sat . The old dog is trying to keep up and I'm sipping my coffee. So I hope you find a way of getting out & enjoying some quiet this weekend x